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We are launching our first product

Writing proposals? Try Proppy, our new product!

Reading time: ~3 minutes.

At We Are Wizards we send out a fair number of proposals. In our early days we developed a command line tool to generate consistent and error-free proposals – and this turned out to be super useful.

We’ve taken our little tool and made it into a webapp so others can benefit from this, too.

When sending out proposals we identified a few pain points:

  • Keeping track of the proposal status and comments in an email thread doesn’t really work.
  • PDFs aren’t a great format for the wild number of devices people are using these days, and they don’t allow for interactive content like videos.
  • Keeping cost table sums up to date is error prone without copying from a spreadsheet.
  • Collaboration via Dropbox is painful.

We’ve addressed each of those and the result can be found here: https://proppy.io/

We’re in the process of shaking out the last few bugs so we’re calling it beta, but our friends and us have been using it for a while and they love it.

We also have a few more features planned like electronic signatures, more content types (schedules, team descriptions, …), and analytics.

Give it a try and let us know what you think: https://proppy.io/!