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The Hacker News effect examined

08 Jun 2020 — Misc

Reading time: ~10 minutes.

Last week my article Using Protobuf instead of JSON to communicate with a frontend ended up being number one on Hacker News and we saw a crazy amount of traffic coming on this blog.

I thought that it would be interesting to analyze some of that data so here it is. »

Berg’s Little Printer

11 May 2020 — Misc

Reading time: ~5 minutes.

I’m a big fan of the amazing London design agency Berg. So when its CEO Matt Berg tweeted this last year:

I was hooked. »

Some a-priori good qualities of software development

29 Mar 2020 — Misc

We software developers live in a time with an inexhaustible supply of methodologies, libraries, tools and ideas. Evidence for or against specific ideas is sparse: Gathering trustworthy, controlled data in such complex environments is crazy expensive. »

The four horsemen of design

26 Feb 2020 — Misc

As a fairly technical agency we do occasionally need help from our fantastic freelance designer to get a good looking product. You can read her take on design rules here. »

How to build a simple image/primary-colour similarity database

23 Dec 2020 — Misc

We recently talked to some customers who are interested in finding images with similar colours in the context of fashion. There are several known solutions for this, and even some hosted services that do it for you. »

First commits

25 Nov 2020 — Misc

Inspired by a recent post on reddit about Git’s first commit I checked out the first commits for a variety of projects. Git’s first commit contains a concise, fantastic description of what Git is and how it works. How do other projects compare? »