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Articles in Infrastructure

Why Docker is not the answer to reproducible research, and why Nix may be

11 Jun 2020 — Infrastructure

In this post I’m going to assume that reproducibility is good and necessary. There are well-written articles on how to do reproducible computational research so I don’t want to go into that either.

Instead I want to focus on how researchers can run published source code on their own machines and arrive at the same results. »

My experience of using NixOps as an Ansible user

25 May 2020 — Infrastructure

Reading time: ~15 minutes.

One of our client recently asked us to host and support their existing Django application. Although my usual tools for this kind of jobs are Ubuntu and Ansible, I wanted to try the Nix tools in a real project since Tom is an avid user. »

How does a Dokku work?

19 Jan 2020 — Infrastructure

Reading time: ~15 minutes.

There are many implementations for running code in a way pioneered by Heroku which is basically this: »