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Second London NixOS meetup

22 Apr 2020 — Events

Hey everyone,

Together with the excellent Simone Trubian we are organising a second NixOs meetup in London the 3rd of May, in a space generously provided by skills matter.

This time we’re trying something different: A hands-on meeting. I will give a ~20 minute talk about the weird Nix language, and then we will apply our skills to add or update a package for NixOS.

Tickets are limited and you can grab them here. »

The London Python Dojo S07E02

13 Oct 2020 — Events

We (Wizards) attended the London Python Code Dojo at Bank of America in Canary Wharf on the first of October.

Find our report inside. »

First London NixOS meetup

26 Mar 2020 — Events

Hey everyone,

We are organising a NixOs meetup in London the 21st of April at 7pm, in space generously provided by Mozilla London (it’s a really cool space!). Tickets are limited and you can grab them on Eventbrite. »